Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I think my life is mostly lived in my kitchen. At least it's a pretty kitchen. And it is finally almost done. Almost, is still a key word here. I cropped out the unfinished flooring and the pantry which has been painted, but still is awaiting some painted shelving. I have to admit something. Painting these shelves white is going to kill me. Here, I have the perfect opportunity to give the house a splash of color. Perhaps, tangerine? Maybe red polka dots? Even black and white stripes with red edging? But I must live now, and make decisions, not based on what I would love, but on the "everywoman"and the realtor says that "everywoman" is boring. She likes plain old white. So, eventually, when I get sick of all my pantry stuff living on top of my dining room table, I will paint those shelves and my part of the kitchen re-do will be done.

Oh, I do need to do something snazzy with the cabinet tops. Any ideas?

And in case you have forgotten the atrocity that once was my kitchen. Here is a little reminder:
picture of kitchen taken from the hall.


carrie224 said...

It's beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!
I can speak for "everywoman" and I do NOT like white!! Tell that realtor she's nuts. :)
You guys did a good job on the flooring.


Gwen said...

I, too, hate white. I, personally, think that you will need something for people to remember your house by. If your house looks like every other house the people have looked at that day then you're less likely to sell. But if they can say "that house with the striped shelves is sticking in my head for some reason, let's go look again" then you've won. So, I say add some zing to those shelves. They are easily repainted and more easily covered with stuff. Lots of bang for your buck in making those interesting.

Wait, WTHeck am I giving you advice for??? Dang, I don't want you to go. :wah: