Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tiny Joys

Psalm 55:17
Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, And He shall hear my voice.

This morning, as I was loading my dishes, I looked at my kitchen window, which serves as a to-do list for me. I just use a dry erase marker, write my list right on the window and cross it off I I go throughout my day. I erase the whole thing at night so I have a fresh window every morning.
Anyhow, there I was looking out the window when I was overwhelmed by God's goodness in my life. I began to pray. i prayed for my day, I prayed for my children. I prayed for my parents, for my siblings, for my husband. I thanked God for the grace that he offers me. And when I was done, I heard a small echo of my amen, and I turned to see my daughter, little esther, hands folded tightly, face bright, and eyes glowing. "You prayed mommy. For me."

Yes, I did, Esther. And God answered my prayer.

Don't forget the power of example. When our children go through rough times, they will mimick what they see.


Crockpot Lady said...

the window as a dry-erase board! very smart.

KatieKate said...

Well, that was just simply beautiful.

I found you while reading Steph's blog (who I also don't know) today searching for a crockpot meal.

Blessings to you and yours...