Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The question is:

Will blogger let me post pictures today?
I guess the answer is yes!
Okay, well now. Here are the pictures of what we have been working on in school. oceans. That is a model of the ocean floor you see there. Look close. That's the continental shelf. I bet you haven't heard that term since grade school. I had a bit of brain pop when I first said it aloud. All of the sudden my brain flooded with multiplication facts, roller skates, and candy cigarettes. It is funny what I have to teach my kids, things I can make seem oh so important, that in reality I haven't thought about for a single day since the day in third grade I first heard of it. It will probably remain important to my kids though. especially the one who wants to grow up and be a polar bear.
I end my daily post with a picture of Marcus doing his math exercise. There are several bonuses of doing a math lesson this way. I will list them for you.
1. You won't have to listen to three hours of screaming over 5 itty bitty math problems.
2. You won't, therefore be tempted to a. send your kid packing to public school, or b. throw him out your window.
3. Your child will get a practical knowledge of fractions when he has to add 1/4 and 1/4 because you force him to make two boxes of brownies.
4. Instead of an end product of papers, you will have double chocolately Giradelli Brownies.
5. Even if he never has to add 1/4 and 1/4 ever again, at least he will know how to crack an egg

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Anonymous said...

Hi becka. Really cool way to do math. I will have to remember that. By the way just started Spring semester for college. Taking Amer. Hist, Algebra(ugh), Intro to music theory, and Child Psych. all this to prepare for my degree in Elementary Education. Anyway, have a great day, Loves you guys, Ken (and Candi, Abby, and Margie)