Thursday, January 03, 2008


My lovely sister in law Carrie gave me quite a gift. After I had already opened up my gift of hand-knitted and crocheted dishcloths (all in my favorite colors) she told me it was high time I learned to knit, and that she was going to teach me. "Haha", I said. Seriously. That's what I said. I have longed maintained that crocheters can never learn to knit. To do so would be utter nuttiness. Why use two needles when you can get by with just one? Why make a craft that is unfixable if accidentally, yanked off a needle by a child. I have three such children, and that along with the fact that I had, on two previous occasions, tried to learn knitting, made me laugh.

Carrie, however was not in a laughing mood. She hauled me off to Micheals where she informed me that I should buy these shiney metal (slippery) needles and some cheap yarn. We argued. And we argued some more. I wanted wooden needles, and I wanted them BIG. Oh, and the yarn I found was perhaps the most expensive in the store. Such a pretty green wool. perhaps I would have given in, except for that lovely green wool. I am a lover of all things green, and I had my heart set on a scarf out of that exact shade. And wouldn't you know, the yarn was perfect for those big wooden (also pricey) needles.

The actual process of learning was hilarious. I think I used the word stupid 400 and fifty million times. "It needs a hook" I would say, frustrated with trying to grab the yarn through my loops. Auuuugghhhhh, I added 4 extra stitches. "No problem" said Carrie, and she grabbed it and ripped it out. I did it again, and again. But then, slowly, I figured it out. "If only these stupid needles had a hook." I declared, yet again.
'Then you would be crocheting." she responded back. Carrie is a piano teacher and has the patience of Job for the tedious teaching of child like beings, and boy was I being childish. "This is nuts." I said. "I already know how to crochet."
"And now you will know how to knit." she replied.

And I do.

I do know how to knit.
Thanks Carrie. Now, can you tell me how to finish this off? I mean, if I had a hooked needle, it would be easy, but now I am left with a 4 ft scarf with 38 loopies, all on one needle, and I am a bit confuzzled as to how to get it off. And I need it off. cause it's -1 degree here. So cold I have to wear the darn thing WHILE knitting.


Gwen said...

Bring it over here today, I'll show you how to finish it :o). It's easy.

Great job!

ba ewe said...

So proud of you another talent you did'nt think you had.

Splaneyo said...

I learned to crochet first too. Now I love to knit and I don't think I could crochet if I wanted to. Which do you like better?

carrie224 said...

Hooray!!!!! I'm so proud of you! And your scarf is beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!!! Way to go!
Since Gwen offered to show you, I'd do that. It's easier learned that way. Otherwise go to and search "binding off"

Awesome job!


stcranesnest said...

Shoot binding off is easy. I could've shown you last night. lmk if you want me to show you. Heck someone could even walk you through it over the phone.

Kimmie said...

Becka -great knitting! (love your color choice too!)

What a wonderful patient friend...may you continue to grow together!

I will be honored to pray for you...thanks for letting me ;-)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted