Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Learning Adventures

Well, I had this whole post on what we've been doing in school lately, but Blogger adamantly refused to accept any other pictures ecxept the one above.  There is a T-shirt designing contest at our karate dojo and so we buckled down and designed a couple.  The one on the left is Marcus.  He really wanted the tiger to be attaking a zookeeper and all the zoo animals to be watching, but after spending the entire day on just this part, he altered his plan.  He was about to hand it in when he noticed his tiger had no tail.  Fortunately, Sensei Penny let him add one reallly quickly.  the funny thing was, when we veiwed the other entries, none of the tigers had tails.  Anyhow, this was one of our learning adventures.  Weston and I posed in our karate stances while Marcus sketched out our basic shapes on a piece of paper.  Then he traced those shapes into forms, and then traced again, one more time, adding details like a karate uniform and tiger stripes.

The one on the right is my design.  And Weston's too.  Here's what I did.
Take a picture of Weston's belt.
Mess around with the printer for over an hour trying to print it.
Finally print it.
Trace the ooutline with a sharpie.
Turn it over and retrace, to make sure the knot was on the correct side.
Use a pencil to trace onto ANOTHER piece of paper.
Write in the words.

Here is what Weston did:
Trace over my pencil lines with a darker line.
Come up with the center design and trace over the words.

But he says he did it by himself.

Today, in class, it was shown as a great example of thinking outside the box (because everyone else used our name -Three Tigers- and drew tigers) and I was proud.

Of Weston, I guess.  Cause he made me put his name on the back and tell Sensei Penny he did it.  I told Sensei Penny he "helped".  If we win, I am going to pat myself on the back.  okay, I'll pat him too.  He is a good tracer afterall.

I am sure I bored you with all this.  I wanted to tell you all about our ocean floor project, but even it would have been boring without pictures.  Maybe Blogger will be behaving itself by tomorrow and I can show you what we did.
Meantime, I will leave you with this really cool random fact:
A Blue Whale's TONGUE weighs more than an elephant!!!!

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