Sunday, February 10, 2008

THe best Valentine's gift ever

No. Not Esther. She didn't arrive until a few months after valentine's day. And the gift isn't even for her, but she dominates the day, yet again. How DOES she do that?

The boys came home from church (I was sick yet again) and I surprised them with tickets to.....
drum roll please...

MONSTER JAM!!!!!! I mean come on! I have to be the best mother in the world. For those not in the know, Monster Jam happens to be a monster truck rally. DunDunDunDuh! Supermom! Right?

Wrong. You see, I was sadly mistaken when I thought that Essie-girl would rather have a night out with mama than to go to the Monster truck rally. So I only bought tickets for daddy, Weston, and Marcus, who, by the way, were spinning in giddy circles with excitement. Esther screamed her head off when she realized she didn't get the grand prize of all gifts.
"Come on sweetie,"I soothed. "You and mama are going to have a tea party.
I am ashamed to say that the child hauled off and hit me. She was beyond pissed off. I wish you could have seen her face. It turned from sweet pink, to green with envy, to red with fury, to black with brooding, all in the course of a few minutes.
She calmed down after a while and I assumed she had forgotten.

Then came Esther's prayer of blessing for our lunch.

"Dear God,
Thank you for my food.
thank you for my mommy and my daddy.
Thank you for my wonderful princess surprise gift!

I stared at her.
"What Princess surprise gift are you talking about, Esther?" I asked.
"Member Mommy. You are going to buy me a wonderful princess surprise since I can't go to the monster truck race place."

First off, I promised her no such thing. Secondly, who taught my daughter to be so manipulative? Thirdly, this child went from monster trucks to.....princesses? She is so confusing.

And she is brilliant. I am already brainstorming what kind of Princess surprise gift I can get for her. (of course, perhaps, this is more indicative of her mother's stupidity that her own genius.


Gwen said...

Bwahahahaha! Heee-heeee-heee! That is hilarious. You're on the hook now, and it better be something good like a princess vanity with real makeup or you are going to hear about it my friend. We must come up with something fun to do. Finn doesn't even know about the Monster Truck tickets yet but I'm sure Winnie and Zella will be expecting something equally as exciting too. Any ideas? We could have a party with presents. With wrapping paper and bows and everything. They'd like that.

JodiMom2Many said...

LOL.. what a smart little cookie you have there.