Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pizza love

Happy Valentine's day.

And I learned another thing "I was not thinking". Knotted Overalls? Not so good when Spunky Girl waits till the last minute to go pee.


Val said...

That is so funny... we are making heart shaped pizza with some pasta salad (made with heart shaped pasta from World Market) for dinner! :) Love it!

Happy Valentine's Day to you too!


Anonymous said...

love them o' alls. Maybe you could make your mother, sister and brother some to match.

Sara Mincy said...

Cute pizza!

I love your blog- you are very creative.

Dawn D. Lion said...

Sweet, I like the pizza idea.

jen said...

very cool pizza idea, becka!

Sara Mincy said...

me again. I just wanted to tell you that there is a setting on bloglines that lets you see what blogs have updated, and then you can click on the blog title and it will take you there. I agree about not wanting to read blogs on bloglines.

Kelli said...

We had pizza on Valentine's Day too!


Kimmie said...

Your pizza is so sweet. I have never tried to shape the dough...amazing that it looks so much like a heart, GOOD JOB.

Oh, yes, the knots could prove a little bit of a hardship, but perhaps she could "sneak out" under the straps, so long as she hasn't waited to the last moment.

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one homemade and 5 adopted