Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What will we eat?

Dinner has been a bit of a struggle here at toasty-toes mansion. We have a rental house that is on its third month of being empty. It has become a great crimp in our pocket and I have to make do with what we have. At least until Saturday. On Saturday, I will get a bit of relief when our Angel Foood Box comes in. But until Saturday, I have to be creative. I found a couple of cans of salmon, but unfortunately, I had trouble finding any recipes that would accomodate my bare cupboards. So, like any good starving (we aren't really starving) person would do, I made one up. Dustan declared it was a winner! yay! I do need to make some changes, but I think my bare cupboard salmon cake recipe is a keeper.
I was at a loss for sides. I needed to use a bag of tuna and decided to mess around with a recipe that I had found for creamed spinach. It was not a success. Don't get me wrong. It was yummylicious. I mean REALLY YUMMY. But it was not a side. More like a spinach dip. and so, we pulled out the only bag of chips we had. Target brand Hot and Spicey, which doesn't really go with spinach dip(eating it with a spoon was far better), but when you are starving (we aren't really starving), you make do with what you have.

Life is a bit pinched here at our mansion. But, it's good. We have our home when so many others have lost theirs. In fact, we have two of them. Want one?
We are blessed, and I aknowledge that.

Bare Cupboard Salmon Cakes:
Mix the following ingredients in a bowl
2 cans of Salmon
1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup mozzerella cheese
2 or 3 TBS Dijon (I didn't actually measure)
1/2 cup egg substitute

Form into eight patties.

Now here is where I need some fiddling. I baked at 350 but it was taking to long so I switched to using a convection oven. I like my salmon cakes crispy on the outiside and moist on the inside. But this ended up a little too much of both. Next time I will add some extra cornmeal and pan fry then end with a quick broil.

These were great as is though. Dustan said they were far superior to any that he has had before. Also, if my cupboard had not been so bare, I would have made a sauce with plain yogurt and some chipolte. I also would have served it with a salad.

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jen said...

mmmm......sounds delish becka! thank you for sharing your life and inspiring me, as usual. :)