Sunday, February 03, 2008

Simple Sundays

Our Sundays usually invlove rushing around. We wake up, rush to get dressed, rush to get breakfast, rush to get to church. Dustan rushes to get the sound set up for services. We rush home, I rush to get lunch on...and so on, until time to rush back to church for evening services, and then rush hom for a quick dinner and rush the kids off to bed.

Somewhere in there we forget.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Today. For a change, we have nothing but time to be still. The whole family and sick, so we snuggled onto the couch and let Marcus tell us what songs to sing. Weston prayed. Such a simple beautiful prayer, without pretense or show.
Keep and safe and good.
Thank you for everything you made.
We opened up a beautiful picture book and read from Job. God is awesome and amazing, and His majesty becomes so clear in His creation.
A simple morning. Simple worship.
Simple Sunday.

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Jerusalem said...

Precious. I have to know, is it just amazing to have a little one looking back at you who looks exactly like your Mini-me? SO beautiful!