Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

These o'alls are going to be titled 'What was i thinking?" The fact was, I was not thinking. I could make a list of my unthoughtfulnesses.
1. Stripes. Ugh. Had to cut them out twice and because the repeat is so big, there was no way to line the stripes up with the bib and she looks like she has two different pant legs. She is a valentine's day clown.
2. I sewed the straps on upside down. TWICE!
3. They should fit her well in oh....three more years.
4. I didn't start them until yesterday which means I was up at six, sitting at my sewing machine.
But Esther loves them. She wants more. I think I will pull my heair our now and get the balding process over with.
A closeup of the straps. I like how these turned out. That's is Esther's naked friend Caroline. I made it for her last year sometime and she has ignored Caroline ever since. But, suddenly, today, Caroline just HAS to be in the picture. With no clothes. Esther's friends are all nudies.

THe boy got a cuddle bug, because he IS my cuddle bug.
Which he reminded me of very promptly. "This is not a cuddle bug." he says. I am your cuddle bug. THIS is a sleeping beetle."
He loves it. Which is good because ugly beetles that look like the love child of a frog and a crab need to be loved. Weston is the perfect little man for the job.

I didn't leave Marcus out.
A card of 'get out of Dishwasher Duty" coupons. "Is this what I think it is?" he asked. When he received the affirmative answer...
I thought his face would break from the smile. Nothing like the joy of getting out of having to do dishes.


Splaneyo said...

Sounds like a sewing adventure of mine!

I read your blog through Bloglines and have been meaning to stop by and comment...the post about the Monster Trucks is something that would so happen in our house. Laney wants to be one of the kids, not a girly girl, but not a boy either. She plays with monster trucks and baby dolls, but don't you dare tell her which one to play with. She is 2 - help!

The Freecycle post is great too. We call it "yoursing" something. You set it out by the curb and put a "yours" sign on it. We have rid ourselves of sofas, toys all sorts of things that way. We have fun timing things to see how long they take to go. Parents of 3 small kids need to find enjoyment in the little things.

Can't wait to see the necklace.


Sara Mincy said...

I LOVE those overalls!!!!!! Adorable! And what is fashion if there is not a little pain?? Even if she doesn't make it to the bathroom :)

Kimmie said...

Oh, the overalls are adorable!

I can totally relate to the 'adventures in sewing' it seems I can easily add an hour or more on to each project by various screwups.


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one homemade and 5 adopted