Tuesday, February 12, 2008


42 words

Touch Typing

I can hunt and peck at 42 wpm. At 100% accuracy. So, my guess is that you are wondering why my blog is so badly typed. That would be because I type hunt and peck at the amazing speed of 90WPM with about 70% accuarcy. Which is what you get to see when you read my blog. It embarrasses my mother. Sometimes, it embarrasses me too. Esecially when, combined with my horrible spelling, it means that all my posts need to be translated. But, I blog for me, and me is a bad typer. (apparently me also likes awful grammer)


Anonymous said...

No way I can only type 52 words per min. no way no way do you do it with hunt and peck.

Becka said...

Dustan watched me. He can verify it.