Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Morning Monday!

Once upon a time, I deemed Monday as the day I would declutter my life. I promptly forgot about blogging the experiment, but I did not actually forget about doing it.

Here is one thing I did:

Teach my kids to make their own breakfast. It took about a week before they were consistently not spilling milk all over the counter and floor, and about a month before I stopped worrying about whether or not they would drop the milk and slice a main artery (we have glass milk containers), but it has now slipped into part of our routine. We have cereal a couple of times a week, which gives me two or three days a week, to either sleep in (haha), or spend some extra time doing upstairs bedroom chores (more likely).

Anyhow, I wanted to share, because it has worked out so well. I used to spend my morning stressed, because just as I started gathering up dirty clothes, or got in the shower, or sat on the toilet, I would hear a scream, 'MOM, I AM HUNGRY! IF YOU DON'T FEED ME NOW I WILL DIE! DIE! DIE! DO YOU HEAR ME? I AM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!" Which made me slightly stessed, and more than a little cranky.
So, I decluttered morning crankiness right out of my life. If I am too involved in a morning chore, or morning primping, I just declare it a cereal day, and send them marching downstairs to get their own breakfast.
Next task will be to teach Marcus to make oatmeal...he is you think he is old enough? I worry that he will burn himself...or his brother...or his sister...or set my house on fire...or drop a pot on his foot and break his toe...or just burn porridge to the bottom of the pot, which, as you know, would be a catastrophe on the grandest scale.


Tara said...

Teach him to make oatmeal in the microwave. We'd love to get rid of our microwave. But I tried making oatmeal on the stove and burned it so badly, lol.

Gwen said...

I second the no-stove idea for oatmeal. I just have the kids heat the water in the microwave to add to their own packets of oatmeal, but you could do the same with regular oatmeal. Packets save my life though.

We also eat things like yogurt, string cheese, etc... for breakfast so I can avoid the "I'm going to die" start to my mornings. The only time I cook breakfast is occasionally on a day off when Neall is home. My kids get their own breakfast every day, and Winnie gets Zella's.

Anonymous said...

I think your have learned the lessons of your mother well.