Monday, September 24, 2007

Conversation with a kid

Weston: hey mom! Is it going to rain today? Cause if it rains we can play outside, and if we play outside in the rain that means it my birthday. On my birthday it is raining and we will play outside. And since we are having an airplane party WE CAN FLY THE PLANES IN THE RAIN!!!!!!! Oh please say it will rain and we can play outside and fly airplanes because then IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY!!!
We are upstairs having an airplane contest and it's not my birthday yet.

Me: Ummmm?

Weston: MOM! My Birthday! raining and Outside for an Airplane party

Me: That clears it up Weston.

Weston: Thanks mom! (quick hug and kiss)

Does anyone have any idea at all what that was about????

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Carrie said...

Umm. Yeah. I don't have a clue.