Wednesday, February 07, 2007


One should never take a break from a task such as cleaning out a closet. The break will give you time to ponder the state of your wardrobe and you will become convinced you need a new one.

But seriously, If I were to toss every ill-fitting, stained, torn, or grungy item in my closet, I would have two pair of jeans, one dress shirt, one jacket, one skirt, one sweater, two everday shirts, and two pair of jeans. I am thinking that I need a new wardrobe. I am also still in the funk I talked about several posts down, and wishing and dreaming and shopping is a sure cure for a funk. Of course, finances would have it that I can only window shop. And the arctic weather would have me stuck inside and shopping from the warm comfort of my home.

Here's my dream wardrobe
3 pair of well fitting jeans These jeans are a perfect fit and HEY, They're on sale! I already have two other pair of jeans, so this one pair would do it.
5 everyday shirts that fit well, are stylish enough to run to the store or a casual outing, but inexpensive enough to do the daily chores in Such a pretty shirt... Holy cow, Eddie Bauer is having a winter clearance, I bet I could buy an entire winter wardrobe of shirt for less than what the one Hanna shirt cost! And did you see? Didja? They come in Talls.
1 grungy shirt to wear while painting or deep cleaning- lol, I have a million of these already.
3 dress shirts that can be worn with jackets or sweaters
2 pair of well fitting dress slacks
4 Sunday outfits- skirt+shirts or dresses, and matching hose and shoes I love this dress! I wish I could try it on, and lookie, it's on sale. I have never even touched anything from Hanna Anderson, but I hear, from reputable sources that the clothes are so soft you could sleep in them, and very well made. This one has a matching cardigan/jacket that could carry me through more than one season... This skirt, in green, of course, has me wanting to swish myself to church in a frenzy of smiles. I am pretty sure I NEED that skirt.
2 set of workout clothes
2 sets of lounge around the house and eat bon bon clothes
2 dressy jackets Is this jacket pink or red? because I am thinking I love it...but I am not much of a pink person.
3 cardigans (one should be cashmere, because if I am dreaming, why not dream in cashmere?) The matching cardigan to the Hanna Dress but it could be worn with jeans...or a's versatile...

I will just keep shopping and adding my finds throughout the day. maybe someone will have some cash and be able to buy my dream wardrobe for themselves, otherwise, I am having fun wasting time...and sometimes- while in a funk- you just need to skate through by wasting time.

and thinking ahead to summer when long sleeves and jeans make way for capris and tshirts, These capris are rugged enough for camping and expensive enough for someone who would rather be at a spa resort than roughing it up in a tent. Ooh, I like these too! but they would break my budget big time. But I am dreaming. Dreams are not limited by finances, so my dream summer wardrobe would definately include those two pair of capris. Oh, wait I found another pair, these are cute and are a great length for a short. I am thinking I need those as well. And These shirts look like they would be long enough. I think one stripe and one solid would be good.

And, as long as I am spending imaginary money- how 'bout these shoes? and these would be great for camping. I would only need to take one pair of shoes, these work for the water and on the trail.

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Carrie said...

Hey sorry to hear you're in a funk. It's the weather. I hate it. Although I thought about you the other night when I saw on the news' weather segment that you guys were about 15 degrees warmer than we were at that time. I wanted to cry. I hate this cold!!!!!

Just keep telling yourself...spring will be here soon....

And about all those ridiculously cute clothes you found while window shopping can find most of that stuff at walmart or target. Trust me. I know. It will at least maybe tide you over until you're able to buy the "real deal".

I get to go shopping today/tomorrow for a new outfit - for my birthday party!!! Wahooooooo!!