Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is time to plan a vacation

Planning a trip away from home is never easy, but when you have to bring the needs and desires of 6 adults and seven children into the matter, it becomes confusing, time consuming, and it gives one many nights of budget nightmares. But, along the way, you stumble on some very interesting places which are fun to explore- at least online.

this one looks very interesting

And if you are among the insanely wealthy, you might want to vacation at this extremely fun but expensive dude ranch. If only I could afford 1000.00 a night!

The picture is from our vacation last year. We went camping with a bunch of friends and this was a geocache site. For those who have not been or heard of geocaching, it is an awesomely fun, and very affordable family hobby. You get the coordinates from the geocache site, plug them into a GPS system, and then go on a treasure hunt. Some are more difficult than others, some are in the city, some are on hiking trails. There are as many unique locations for a cache as their are unique people to hide them. Every time you find the "treasure", you take something, sign the book, and leave something else behind. It's fun. Try it.

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