Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's a white world

The best way to describe St. Louis weather would be to use the word odd. We have a saying that goes, "If you don't like the weather today...just wait until tomorrow." Not meaning that it will get worse, only that it will surely be different. Two days ago, we were taking our walk without our coats and then we were slammed with what some called a blizzard? Ummmm...a blizzard? I don't think so. I can still see my grass. I absolutely love the idea of being snowed in, but I think it will never happen while living where I do. BUT, this is the first real snow of the season (and likely the last) and so I am grateful for this glimpse of short lived white wonder.

Right before the storm hit, I decided to take a meandering walk through our local goodwill. I am so glad I did. I have an eclectic collection of tea cups and saucers, which get used daily, and most of which have been broken by my two legged, clumsy hooligans. This one was only .30 cents. I know that most people display tea cups, but I am not much for displayed things. I like everything to be pretty and useful at the same time. When I can pick them up at .30 cents each, I won't get overly sad when one falls and crashes to a million jillion pieces on my floor. I love sipping tea, or eating oatmeal, or dipping apples into peanut butter, all from the beauty of a tea cup. I love the way it makes me feel dainty and special. I love the link to the past that it gives me. And I am not one to hog good feelings, so...I share my pretty cups with my children, who are not quite as attached as I am to pretty fragile things, and who seem to like the sound of crashing china. And so, I am in constant need of tea cup replacements. My new one feels a bit wintry, which matches my world at the moment.

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Dannielle said...

seems we got more snow than you. No peeking grass here. We got about 4-5". I agree though. Not a blizzard lol.

I like your tea cup. Very pretty!