Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mugs are not just for coffee

I have a "thing" for mugs. Not the cutsie kind you get for teachers or at souvinir shops. I like my mugs to give me some kind of feeling, mostly nostalgic.
We use mugs for everything. Just like my tea cups, they have multiple uses. Because they are sturdy, they make great cups for kids, and the handles make them easier to hold.
The ones pictured are new from Goodwill. I love the little cream flecked mugs, they are miniature in size and perfect for the kids. Because my mind makes weird and unexpected, unexplainable associations, they remind me of the tin cups from Little House on the Prairie. I told you I can make some weird mental leaps.

The Scandinavion floral mug was one that Marcus picked out (after I talked him out of choosing a horrid owl one), and the retro mug was Esther's choice.

Oh, and here is a small sample of what I use mugs for:

Serving dishes for pudding and icecream
holding containers for chopped onions and other veggies when I am cooking
the heavier weight makes them great water cups for watercolor paints
paper weight
candy dishes
serving dishes for trail mix
juice, water, and milk glasses (I swear milk tastes better out of a mug)

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Carrie said...

Cute mugs! :)