Friday, February 23, 2007

Someone needs to pass on a career as a beautician

Do you think I can dye it pink and pass her off as a punk rocker?


NatchraLeigh said...

Make sure you add some gel to it and spike it up! lol
They all have to do that at least once huh?!
My youngest two are still "recovering" from their nice haircut that they gave themselves.... even after getting it fixed it's still a mess! lol

Dannielle said...

OH NO!!! A mullet! Every kid must do it at least once though. I feel your pain.

mama sheep said...

If I remember you did this twice in your past life and once to your little sister. Also I don't think any of your dolls kept their hair. I think red with a streak of gold would become her. I agree spikes would be good too. She's a Diva.