Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feather My Nest (with books)

Our trip to the library was super successful today. I am a book grabber, I just randomly grab books from my favorite sections, and I just cross my finger that they are any good. I have three children who don't understand the concept of quiet and so, my library trips are a bit rushed and chaotic. Actually, that is not true, I have a basic routine down that keeps us from getting banned from the building. We carry all our returns in, and drop then through the book drop. This is perhaps the most precarious time of all, because I MUST divide the books fairly between all children. If perchance Marcus gets to drop five books down the drop, and Esther only had four, then we might as well pack our bags and go home. Trust me, the kids count. After they drop the books, the boys head back to the children's section and browse around while Esther and I pick out two movies. My little diva always considers these movies "hers" and is quite pleased to just carry them around. Of course, if one of the boys but takes a glimpse at the covers, she throws a fit- because, of couse, they are "hers". Each kid gets one book, and I have to wheedle myself out of yet another tantrum because of course, they have found 10 books each that they want.
Then, for their favorite part. If they have been well behaved, we get to ride the elevator. Weeeeeeee. How much more fun can life get than riding on an elevator. What can I say? My kids are deprived. They have never been on a roller-coaster, and they think elevators are the end all and be all of life's existence.
Upstairs, it is my turn. That is where all the non-fiction is and there are shelves upon shelves of cookbooks, cleaning books, decorating books, craft books, sewing books...and on...and on...and on. I kind of enter a trance like state, being surrounded by all those books. The kids sit in the floor and look at their books and I have less than 5 minutes to choose. I have learned not to actually choose. I have learned to just grab and hope. So far, it has worked.
Back downstairs to check the books out and I grab a couple of fictions that are displayed off the front table. I can't even hope for time to browse through the novels. Novel browsing would be tantamount to begging for a meltdown. We check out, the librarian sometimes notices my angelic children, and it is off for home, where I can peruse my books to see what it is that I actually got.

And woohowdyhoo! Today was a winner. I can't wait to dig into the book on feathering my nest, I flipped through it before taking the picture, and it was everything I could do not to just lie down on the bed and devour it. The pottery barn bedroom book looks scrumptious too! And- And- And, as if I was not lucky enough, I had grabbed a book by my favorite author- Anne Tyler. It was a book that I had not only have not read, but did not even know she wrote. This is quite an accomplishment as I am a huge fan of hers and have quite a hefty collection of her novels.
The day has been full of book loving and I hope yours has as much fullness and page turning as mine will have

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Carrie said...

I understand the "trance-like state". I get that when I walk into the library too, or any book store, or the quilt shop here in town, or Joanns...I'm noticing a trend.

Happy reading!

P.S. By the way, remember those books I borrowed from you waaaaay back when we came and visited? I'm finally getting around to starting the "Case Histories" book and so far I really like it.