Monday, February 05, 2007

Is it at least a small amount of improvement?

It still isn't the fabulous collective look that I want to achieve, but does it at least look a tad bit better? Surely there is some reading somewhere about making displays that look great. Are all these cottage bloggers just born with all the wonderful talent their pictures display, or is this something I can learn?


Meg said...

No, you're doing a great job. I think one of the best things about arranging a book shelf is doing what you've done, which is making each shelf a little different from the others. Makes it much more interesting to look at.

I also believe that arranging things takes practice, and that although it seems like some people are better at it than others, everyone has to learn at least a little bit. You're doing great. Keep up the good job!

Sarah and Jack said...

I get most of my ideas from books. I think the bookshelf trick is to have things at different levels and to include knick knacky things actually inside the shelf also. Does that make sense?

Ken Elsey said...

Hi Becka...looks great. I have a couple ideas for you. reach me at