Wednesday, February 14, 2007

On Being Cozy

I think humans (and animals) look for a place to feel enclosed. To be surrounded by safety, warmth, and self. My place is sandwiched between a white cloud of feather comforter and feather matress, my head upon a feather pillow. My cozy spot is warm and soft. Usually I am not alone as my snuggle bugs join me. We pretend we are penguins, inside an egg, waiting to hatch. Or, sometimes we are wolves, lost in a winter storm, and hiding in a cave dug from a snow bank. Sometimes, we are bears, in a rocky cave, and other times we are a human family, snuggling and cuddling...blocking out the cold and distractions of the world.

Who wouldn't want to escape to a world of white softness? I guess Esther. I worry about her. She seems to have chosen the cold hardness of metal bars for her hidey spot. I guess we can hope that this is not an indication of her future. She likes the crate far better than Heidi does, and no matter how much she coaxes Heidi to join her, the dog just looks as if Esther has gone off her rocker. And maybe she has. She has her mother's genes afterall.


Anonymous said...

How much is that baby in the window

Becka said...

LOL. Just so everyone knows....anonymous is my my mother. I was a bit creeped out by the message until I realized it was her.