Monday, November 13, 2006

Creativity rules when one is a writer. Right?

Okay, well. I haven't been to the grocery store since this nano thing started. Bad mommy. I do however have 31,000 words written and Reba has taken a very fun trip down the river on a frozen chunk of ice. Don't worry, she has a park bench to sit on. I swear, reba has gone completely out of her mind, every story gets more and more bizarre. Anyhow...So, 31,000 words and an empty pantry. What does one do for breakfast? How about cookies? Again? Why yes. And this time, I did not make them. They came in a package, and are not cookies meant for breakfast- Oh, no. these are just plain Jane oatmeal cookies, laden with sugar and not much else. I did make peanut butter sandwhiches out of them though. Does that make it better? I included a gratuitous shot of my Big bird cookie jar- because it makes me happy. Big Bird was a gift to my mom from my aunt Denise on mom and dad's wedding. I received it as a wedding gift from mom. Big Bird has cracked both his nest, and lost his nose. Nothing a little glue didn't fix.

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