Monday, November 20, 2006

Metamorphasis of a Kitchen

This was my kitchen when we first moved in. That is not a microwave above the stove, it is a HUGE oven. It was horrible. Not only did I have to learn to use an electric stove, I had to do it in a small area that would not even allow my stock pots to sit. Uggg, I hated that thing. But, since it was circa 1970, and since our refrigerator went out, and since Sears had a sale on multiple appliances, and since Dustan was in a generous mood, I did not have to use the hideous thing overly long. Lots of other changes took place too.
Out with the upper bar cabinets. Ahhhh, that felt better. Now I can watch the kids play in the family room while I prepare dinner...or breakfast...or lunch...or one of their one million two thousand, and forty-three snacks.
And blue paint! So pretty! I adore the color, and eventually the bottom cabinets will be painted as well. We moved the plexiglass cabinet doors over to the stove wall, and took off the doors on the sink wall, to make a shelf. Eventually, that cabinet will come done and actual shelves will be installed. It was getting to be a lovely place to be, if only I could eliminate that hole above the new stove.

Voila! Done! There is now a microwave, where once was a humongous ugly oven, and then followed by a big cavernous hole.
This is the kitchen of my dreams, and the cost has been almost nil...except for the new appliances, sink, and faucet. Everything else I have used has been existing.

Oh, and knobs, I am slowly replacing the knobs. I found those in a junk store and paid 1.00 for four of them. They came from an antique cabinet. Eventually, all the knobs will be mix and match...

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