Thursday, November 02, 2006

Update day #2

Still doing well. I am logging in at over 5000 words. My goal is to hit 8000 by the end of the day. Little Reba is such a stinker that I am having fun writing about her. I was told that everyone enjoyed my excerpt from yesterday and it was quite a boost to my self-confidence. Thank you for the kind words.
Now for a question and answer time:

Q: How are you finding time with your already busy day to write a novel AND take care of three kids.

A: It's not easy. However, I made a log of what I spent my time doing and I was amazed at how much was wasted doing piddly things. I streamlined my day a bit, cut out all the non-essentials and ended up with several hours a day to write. I made a new routine which is helping me keep up with life. I wouldn't want to keep up this pace for my entire life, but I can do it for one month.
6:30 wake up, get dressed, make bed, carry down dirty laundry to top of basement landing
6:40 walk the dog
7:00 feed kids
7:30 sit down to write

10:30 snack for kids- run downstairs and throw in a load of laundry
10:45 School (I pared school down this month the the bare essential)
12:00 lunch for kids- run downstairs and change laundry. While I am down there hit the treamill for 15 minutes and do some sit ups and push ups.
12:30 Fix my lunch and sit down to write
2:00 Take the dog for a walk and spend 20 minutes on his training
2:30 Start dinner (tonight will be bean soup and cornbread)
3:30 sit down to write for a short spurt
4:15 read to kids
5:00 dinner

And then, I try to get my kitchen cleaned, andany other housework done. I won't have many evenings at home, so I have to reserve my day for writing.

Here is an exerpt from day 2

Now to understand Reba's reaction to this, one must understand that Micheal Pepper had told her that the principle's office was a horrid place where children were strapped to a table and beaten with electrical paddles that sent a shock through their entire bodies. He had told Reba that he had gone into the office with straight hair and cream colored skin. Reba was horrified! Micheal had obviously been fried by those electric paddles! His skin was dark cocoa and his hair was full of tight curly kinks.

As Mrs. Alexandria pulled Reba down the hall she screamed and hollered. If that had been all that had happened, I am sure the incidence could have been forgotten, but no. Reba was a strong girl- no human was going to drag her into the great abyss of torture without a fight. And so she fought. And hit. And bit. She kicked the teacher's shin until there was blood and bit her arm until there was a hole in the teacher's flesh. She would NOT be paddled with an electric paddle. She WOULD escape and run all the way home- to the safety of her mother's arms. Surely everyone would forget by the next day. But as strong as little Reba was; her teacher was much stronger. And to the principles office a tiny terrified child was hauled, held by both a handful of hair and a knotty little wrist. Reba stopped struggling by the first step into the office. This was not a place of torture. It smelled so pretty. Like peaches. And cinnamon. There was a pretty lady sitting in a chair, and although there was a look or horror on her face, it still maintained a look of kindness. Reba went limp and Mrs Alexandria dropped her on the floor.

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Robin said...

Good luck with your book. I just couldn't do it this year, but I hope to write me a novel next November!