Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Going on my Christmas List

OK, I think I fixed my link...if not, they are the capacitor earrings.

People, I am pretty sure I need THESE EARRINGS

Now watch me get either ten pairs...or no pair.

But really, those are just way too cool. And I desperately need a pair.

Haha. And ya'll thought I had grown up or something. Fooled ya!

Now buy me those earrings!


Susie Q said...

Love the earring too! : ) Whimsical!

I enjoy your blog so...will be back often. I hope your little angel is feeling better. : )

Fond regards,

Carrie said...

Wait...when did you get pierced ears? And are you talking about those crocheted earrings? Ummm...they're kinda cool LOL