Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just Dreaming

I spend way to much time dreaming of my house. I stare at my kitchen and think and think about how to decorate it. How would it look as my dream kitchen?
What would my living room look like if I had an unlimited supply of money?
I pore over catalogs and magazines and dream.
I didn't always used to do that. My old dreams were far different. I would disappear onto a stage, I would be in full make-up and costume...or I would be recieving an Oscar for my stunning performance in "A Doll's House".
Even more recently, I have begun to fantasize again about writing...but truth be told: My home brings me so much more pleasure than these old dreams. It is such an accomplishment to me to have gone from messy slob with no style, to what I am and what I have now. My home brings me such pride and such peace and I am beyond grateful to God for bringing me to where I am now.
Remember the baking Center I had talked about? This is it. Right now it's just an old 70's cabinet stuck inbetween a door and my refrigerator. But imagine with me...I will paint it...still not sure what color. Maybe white, maybe green, maybe red? I miss all the red from my last home, so maybe I will add a spalsh of it here. I will pull out the panals from all the doors and insert punched tin. I will add either a stone or wood counter top, and hooks along the back wall to hold my measuring cups and spoons, and a nice towel. I will have a clippy thing to hold the current recipe. Can you see it? It's lovely isn't it?
It has been nice dreaming with you. Now I have to get back to my real life, in which I am baking muffins, getting ready for Marcus' school, and I promise myself I will sit down and write 5000 words sometime today- because new dreams are good too...especially if you chase after them.

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Dannielle said...

I can totally see the baking center and it's wonderful! In fact, next time I see you remind me that I have something for it. :)