Friday, November 03, 2006

It's day Three!

And I can't get much farther. I am stuck on this little tiny scene that should have been finished hours ago. Little scenes that cause so much trouble should be cut into oblivion.

Again: No editing here, I hope you can read it.

Carol listened as the clinking, stomping, and banging sounds went on in the kitchen. She heard it all, and even recovered from her stupor long enough to wonder what was going on in her kitchen. Just as quickly she sank back into her pillow and despair. Life was not what it was supposed to be. Reba at six years old had caused her more stress than any child should, and she was such a bad mother that she hardly even knew who Jaci was. The house was a mess and Carol despaired that she would never be able to stay caught up. The cupboards were almost bare of food and she felt humiliated every time she had to stand in lines for government handouts. Byrle was difficult and Withdrawn, and she just felt so tired. Parker. Where was Parker? She fell back into a depressed stupor and slept until the smell of something burning woke her again.

Very quickly, after she sat up in bed the fire alarm began to go off, and she heard the screaming of two little girls and the wailing of a baby boy!

Jaci and Reba were scared beyond belief. The muffins had exploded like a volcano with jam shooting straight out of the tops, and then oozing and bubbling out to the bottom of the oven. Jaci timidly had opened the oven door and she and Reba decided there was nothing to do but to let it finish cooking. By the time Mama walked in the room there were flames leaping up from crusty black jam caked and fried to the bottom of the mustard yellow oven.

First I had to find out which ingredient Reba and Jaci switched. I need to know what cook book it came from and then I had to find the recipe. To my aid come Super Tara who just happens to have the little red and white gingham covered Better Homes and Garden's cookbook that has the exact recipe I needed.

Now I am stuck on what happens next. The fire department needs to be called. But how? (No 911 yet that I can find in my research), and after the fire department comes what happens? Do they call social services? I don't want Social Services called, that will introduce characters and an element to the story that i don't want there.

So...I am stuck. at 10126 words!

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