Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What does my fridge say about me?

After reading a post on THIS BLOG THAT YOU MUST GO VISIT BECAUSE I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER HOUSE AND WANT TO MOVE IN WITH HER!!!! I got to thinking about what my fridge might reveal about me.

It says I love simplicity.

It says I am persistent. I have been working on this for months. I used every single letter block I had, and let me tell you it was hard. I had very few vowels- and NO A's! Look closely, I used an upside down V for an A. Some would say that this reveals that I am a cheater. It say that it says I am creative.

It says I am organized and that I care about the character of my children.

Haha. This is the side. I am pretty sure that this says I am a fraud. Just a hodge podge mess of a person. The front is a front. haha. Did you catch that?


Gwen said...

Ha, you cheater. My fridge is a shambles. There are still pictures from when Winnie was tiny, coupons that expired 2 years ago, and a couple of phone numbers I've known by heart for a long time. Hey, at least I'm not a sham...


jen said...

I love it!
If you saw my fridge, you may say I'm a psychopath. Which is why I don't think I'll post a pic of it. LOL!