Monday, September 17, 2007

A tiny Organized Paradise in the Middle of a World of Chaos

My house is so beyond repair it is unbelievable. The entire contents of the living room and dining room have spilled over into the entire first floor. The entire house is bearing the consequences of days of painting, redecorating, and no time for cleaning. Ugh. It's just ugh.
But here are two tiny oasis in the middle of the filth and destruction.
Our school table. It is simple, it is functional. It doesn't look like it should grace the cover of a magazine, but it works oh so very well. A small shelf to cubby our math manipulatives into, a holder for pencils, pens, dry erase markers, and even Marcus' glasses fit in there.
A pencil box to hold sharpened pencils, erasers (because my children eat the ones on top of their pencils), and a sharpener.
Two more stacking pencil boxes, one for crayons, one for colored pencils.
A dry erase board for spelling words.
Everything gets used everyday and put away everyday. It's simple and it makes my eyes happy.
By the way, you can use this part of my blog post for a homeschooling exercise. Have your children count the number of sentence fragments. Horrifying!

And this little spot of delight is new. As if we didn't have enough craziness on our weekend to-do list, we decided that a family control center was a MUST. I got the idea from This post from a parenting board I frequent You don't have to be a member to view the post. What a great idea! I had to implement it immediately. I bought all the supplies at Home Depot.
The entire thing cost about 50.00 and was very very worth it. I plan to use some hot glue and some ribbon to pretty it up, but I have a million other things to do first (like find my hot glue gun). Ha! Like having things to do ever stopped me from a project...
No. Seriously. I have to get this stuff done, the craziness is making me...well...crazy.

As an update on the carpet situation. We exchanged the crapet (this was misspelled on accident. I promise), and for only 160.00 more, we no longer have pink carpet. This second carpet is lighter, thicker, and definitely no pink. Dustan said I am not allowed to change my mind again and so, for my sanity I refuse to post a picture. I will show you when it's already in and too late to change. Speaking of in- WEDNESDAY! Just three days and I won't have to look at that disgusting brown carpet (or crapet), ever again!

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