Monday, September 03, 2007

Galesburg had a storm.

Big enough to warrent calling out the big guys with big chainsaws. I went to help my mom feed 40 men who came in from all over our state to help clean up fallen trees. I gave Marcus my camera in an effort to keep him from being a nuisence.
This shot is pretty good.

So is this one. Maybe he is on to something.

This one was the most interesting of the bunch.

hmmm, maybe he should put this career on hold. I had no less than ten shots of shoes, car doors, fans, and celings.

And about twenty shots that looked like this.

And he filled my memory card up with over 50 that look like this. I could play "guess the body" for the rest of the evening.

Anyhow, it was a blessed time and Galesburg looks cleaner than it did when we arrived, but still a bit disgruntled and disheveled. My parent's church lost their steeple and the roof was damaged. Of course, Marcus didn't get a picture of that. wait....maybe that is what that white nothingness picture was.

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