Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Day to Dream of Buttons.....and hot pink fur.

What in the name of Katie ever inspired me to handsew 30 teeny tiny buttons onto the curtains?!?!?! I was so bored during the endless button sewing that I wrote an entire blog post in my head...all about sewing buttons. Unfortunately, I promptly forgot it.
I also decided to attach the polka ribbon with a running hand stitch. Most people would scoff at my horrible stitchery, but I think it adds a folksy touch.
Tea party anyone?
Peek- a -boo Mr. Bear. We see you.
Simple ribbon curtain ties. Esther picked out the ribbon and although I used it to hem the curtains, I thought I should use them in a more obvious place. It is her room after all. Eventually I will attach some to some pretty pillows and then make some shmancier tiebacks.
Oooh, I hate this picture. It is supposed to be showing off the AWESOME bedcover I made. One side is hot pink hairy, soft as silk fabric. I had to piece the other side and it turned out so incredibly...Esther. Well, and a tiny bit me. The me part is all the places I ran the stitches off the binding. Perhaps I can talk Danielle or Carrie into re-doing it for me. But until then, Esther will have a super soft, super cool blankie to cover up with.


Anonymous said...

I am so gonna have to steal those curtains for Devonae's room. It looks so nice Becka you did a great job.

Carrie said...

Great room makeover! You did a great job!
And as far as that binding. You're gonna have to pay me in chocolate. Lots of it. :)


Tara said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you've already got that done!!!!! It looks fantastic! Think I've used enough exclamation points?