Thursday, September 13, 2007

I am posting from a pretty place

New couch covers. Gone is the ugly jungly green. I still have some illows to make and the arm cushions to cover, but all in all- it turned out well. We had some snags along the way but once we (by we, I mean my awesome friend, Gwen) figured it out, it was smooth sailing. Ahem. well, actually...there is that one back cushion that is significantly smaller than the others. that single pillow sent me to my room in tears and kept me awake all night last night. personally, I plan to purge the memory of that pillow from my mind.

And as if my house wasn't enough of a big gigantic undone project... We have decided to paint the dining room before we lay down the new floor. As soon as we finish painting we have to move all the furniture that is now piled in the living room, into the freshly painted dining room, so that we can, then, paint the living room in preparation for its new flooring. I leave you with a picture of my hunk, and a peek at the new paint color.

Good bye for now. The rest of the day will be spent running errands, painting, and moving furniture. Tonight will be spent downing as many tylonols as legally possible. My muscles already hate me and I am no where near done.


Splaneyo said...

I love the yellow. I also want to tell you how much I love the curtains you made - they are darling.

Heather said...

Wow! Wonderful covers. I'm very impressed. I mean, not that I doubted you could do it, of course. Maybe I'm mostly just impressed that you did, because I would just keep thinking that I *should*. It looks great!