Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A rug for Esther's room

I hadn't posted this yet because I thought everyone was tired of seeing Esther's room. But since Carrie kept nagging...here it is. I used some heavy decorator fabric that I found on sale, backed it with that hot pink from her curtains (I still have a ton of that left as I was required to buy three full yards), and sandwiched in some heavy waffle weave knit for batting. I am one of those use what you have people and didn't want to make an extra run to the store for batting.
After calling around and getting advice on how to quilt the rug I finally decided on the easiest way: I threaded some floss, puled it through and tied it in little knots. I am sure there is some kind of technical term for this, but since I no squat about quilting I will leave it to the experts to point us to the just-right terminology.

Anyhow, It was simple to do and eventually I hope to fill the whole rug with little knotties...but I am saving that chore for one of Esther's winter sick days. I will open up her curtains, let the sun shine in and sit on her floor, quilting her rug while she lies in bed coughing and moaning. This plan may have to be implemented sooner than expected as they already have their first change-of-weather sickness. It's allergy season here.
It's no surprise though since the yard is covered in gigantic mushrooms and the mushrooms are covered in a fine green and white hairy film. I told Dustan that our fungus was growing mold and sent him to the pharmacy to gather some meds to make the kids comfy enough to sleep. Last night we were med free. We were also sleep free.


Felicia said...

What a very pretty room.

Carrie said...

Hey that rug is really cute, I like the colors of her room. Good job! :)