Monday, September 17, 2007

What's For Dinner?

Red Snapper Cakes with Nectarine Salad

I would give you the recipe but I am sure it is copyrighted by weight watchers. I can tell you that the fish cakes involve fish, egg, cornmeal, shallots, and jalepeno's. The nectarine salad can be easily figured out from the pics, but that is definately case you were stumped. If you would like the exact recipe, I HIGHLY reccomend the "Ultimate Flex and Core Cookbook". So far, every recipe has been a winner. This one was so yummy that I just might serve it once a week.

Oh, and the kids ate it up. No leftovers save the little pile of red onions left on the little kid plates.


Sarah and Jack said...

hey becka, we do have dog issues, can you email me?

Heather said...

Technically the only part of a recipe that can be copyrighted is the instructions part--you can't copyright a list of ingredients. :) It looks great!