Monday, September 03, 2007

It's labor day:

And so we labored. My entire house has become the Land of Unfinished projects.
Everything got moved into the living room because we tore the carpet out of the dining room only to find that we can not replace it because the floor is so uneven. The solution to this problem is to tear up the sub floor (two layers of it) and sand down the floor joists until they are all even. This will probably get done sometime in the next century. Meanwhile, I now have a nasty particle board floor and a living room full of dining room.
On all of our treks to a million flooring store, in an effort to find an easier solution (we didn't), I noticed that our Discount Decorating Outlet Store was closing. FABRIC! For CHEAP! This floral and denim will be perfect for that new couch and loveseat.
And these are for Esther's room. The frog/floral is actually her sheet set from Target- but it goes so well with the curtain fabric that will get made sometime in the century after next.
And here is that dining room. Since it has no floor that needs to be protected, I used it for a painting studio. Those are those presswood bookshelves I got for free at a store closeout. Everyone kept telling me I was ridiculous for wanting them. But I have grand plans I tell you...Grand plans.
Part two of grand plan. paint Barbie pink? (The color was Esther's idea).

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Carrie said...

Good luck with the floor. I remember what that's like. I don't envy you. But at least you made the first step.