Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Update on a Heidi...and some lunch while we're at it.

Heidi is doing well. The vet said she has dislocated her knee bone and that, though she is in pain, she will survive. She is on some meds that will hopefully take away some of the pain and let her heal up. Unfortunately, this is probably a chronic problem and we may be facing some surgery down the road a bit. But, I am no longer worried. My Heidi girl is gonna be okay!

Also, since I made myself a yummy veggie pizza, I thought I would share the great news that I am down almost 15 pounds. Eating all this delicious food is paying off. Here's my pizza in all its overdone glory. I like it good and crisy so I cook it to death. I just piled some sauce and a load of veggies onto a flatbread. Then I added soy mozzerella and seasoning. it was yummylicious and took care of my pizza craving in a big way.


Carrie said...

Awwwww poor Heidi! I'm sorry she's hurt. How did she do it? What happened?
I'll pray for her :)


Dannielle said...

I'm so glad that Heidi will recover. Sad for her pain though.

YAY YOU! (on the 15lbs!)

That pizza look delish!