Friday, October 06, 2006

Cozy Corners

I love corners. They are a great place for feeling safe. There is just a cuddle factor about corners that can't be denied. Recently I have been working on the corners of my house. I want then to have the cozy appeal, the feeling that one should curl up and read a book, take a nap, or snuggle with a doll.

I read somewhere about having a scared spot (I read this on a blog while I was playing the blog game...I visit one blog, follow a link to another blog, follow a link to another blog...and so on and so on... does anyone else do this?). Anyhow, I read about this sacred spot, a place that is set aside for the mommy; cozy and comfortable with a basket of devotionals, inspirational reading, and a Bible. I am inspired to find me a spot today.

Shall my sacred corner be in my living room? A place of peace an calm? Should it be in my family room? The center of my house, overlooking my children as they play and my kitchen that brings me joy? Or should it be in my bedroom? I have an extra corner in there, and we actually NEED a chair in that room. I will meditate on it today and see what I come up with.

The other issue with my sacred spot is "the chair". "The chair" is no longer in my house. Once upon a time I lived in a teeny tiny house that had no room for my favorite chair. No one wanted it and I BEGGED my mother to store it for me. It was the most comfortable chair ever! Besides that, it had sentimental favour. My parents had bought a matching set from a garage sale when I was in Junior high. It was the ugliest pea green anyone has ever seen. On top of that, while I was babysitting, the babysitee decorated it with a black permenant marker. My mother glady gave the newly designed chair to me and it found a place in my room. Then it found a place in my college dorm. Then it found a place in my first apartment. Then it found a place in my first marriage home. The problem is that after finding a place in my mother's basement for storage, it has somehow found a place in my brother and sister-in-laws home. Surely they have fallen in love with my chair. Surely they will hold it hostage and not give it back...even for the truckload of money I am willing to pay for it. Surely I will never see my ugly but much loved chair again (Dustan is actually hoping for this outcome- the jerk.). The point is, I need this chair. It would be a perfect chair for my sacred spot. It is already loved, it is comforable, it is soft, it is wide enough in case my children want to climb up with me. I will have to go on a mission to get my chair back.

Meanwhile, this is a corner of Marcus' room. He loves this shelf for displaying his shell collection. I love it for containing books. It contains a football beanbag that he loves and I hope to add some colorful floor pillows.


Carrie said...

We have your chair. We want $5 million by midnight tonight, or the chair gets it.

NatchraLeigh said...

Did you get your corner?
I'd love to hear how you did it... I want a cozy corner too!

BTW - I got to your blog by following blog links, playin' the blog game!