Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick Post

Wow! What a busy weekend! Wonderful, but oh so busy. But it was so wonderful! Oh, I already said that? Well, one more time won't hurt any. My weekend was WONDERFUL! My visit with my family did my heart some good. Every mama needs to be loved on by her mama and mine is the best kind to be loved on by. She is the epitome of unconditional love. Over and Over she told me how proud she was of me. She complimented EVERY SINGLE THING in my house. It's like she thinks I am perfect or something.

All our visitors left by this afternoon and then I had a TeenMOPS meeting. TeenMops is an incredible ministry that allows teenage moms the opportunity to get support, guidance, and an evening of fun. I had a vision to start a group in our area, well over 3 years ago. It took three years of prayer and several months of hard work by a team of really dedicated woman to see this group get on its feet. We had five girls tonight. Two of them are still expecting their little ones. It was so nice to be able to love on those girls and to watch them as they interacted with one another. They are such wonderful people and I have this big suspicion that they will teach me more than I can possibly teach them. Check and see if there is a teenMOPS group in your area. If you are or know a teenage mama, then go or send the girl you know. If there are no groups in your area...consider starting one.

And because I am overwhelmed with this idea for a wallpaper-quilt closet door I will leave you with the link, so you can admire it for yourself. That gal at Posie Gets Cozy is clever as clever. I am in great need of a door or two exactly like this...hmmmmmmmmmm....maybe a whole wall? Where to get vintage wallpaper scraps?

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