Friday, October 27, 2006

It's a rainy yucky day...and we were all bored

So, mommy went shopping. It seems that my favorite store is closing. I am terribly sad, and I didn't even get one last visit. "Junique" was an eclectic collection of junk, antiques, and unique items. They were all thrown togther here and there, and you never knew what you would find lurking underneath a basket or wool blanket. I mourned for the little store by shopping at their competitor down the street. It wasn't the same at all. Still some nice junk...but you have to look really hard. Most of the things in that store are frilly and fancy- not to mention quite pricey. I did find a cute little tea canister and a hand embroidered set of tea towels and pot holders. It even came with a toaster cover that I don't need. I do not own a toaster. I don't like to have exra stuff on my counters and I like to fry my bread on the stove top. Yummy!
If you want a cute in perfect condition Toaster cover make sure to leave a comment and I will have a little drawing for it. Dustan told me the tea cannister was an "ugly little thing" but he thought the tea towels were pretty, and he did concede that the canister was prettier than the tea boxes.

The kids spent part of the day sliding down the stairs on their behinds. What fun! I even joined them for a round or two. It was a great sound to hear their laughter echoing up my stairs. As we slid down, we could see the nasty weather that was raging outside and it made me grateful for my cozy home.

I have decided that Fridays will be called Favorite Things Friday. It seems that everyone except me has a special day on their blogs. And because I am obsessed with knowing what people consider their favorite things, and because I assume that everyone else is obsessed with the same things I am, I am declaring Friday to be the day where I share my favorite things.

Today is dedicated to Konriko...the little spice that can make ALL food taste better. We have a saying around here...goes like this: "It's pretty good. Would taste better with Konriko." It's our all time favorite all-purpose spice.

Yep, it's a cajun seasoning. Nope, I am in no way cajun, but Tara is and she introduced me to this little jewel and my family has been eating it EVERY day since then. If you are looking for an interesting gift for someone, I suggest this and maybe package it up with a bit of Louisiana Gold . The best hot pepper sauce I have ever had.
It helps to have cajun cultured friends who bring back these gems after vacationing with their family. I won't even begin to talk about the sausage...or the special Mardi Gras cakes Tara has mailed to her house. Those folks in Louisiana have a lot to put up with: stifling heat, awful humidity, and hurricanes coming from left and right...but they have great food to make up for it.


Dannielle said...

I love the embroidery.

I like your tea canister even if it does say "tea". (I have some weird issue with permanently labelled canisters for some reason)

Carrie said...

Cute canister and towels!

It's been rainy and disgusting here too. We have friends here who just moved from Texas this past summer. This will be their first real winter. Ha! She was complaining about the sun not being out the other day and I told her "Get used to it. It won't be back till May."

Gotta love Fall.

Brie said...

Today was clear after weeks of rain...many people are very glad to see the rain go because it caused flooding.

Okay try this:
and then see if there's an option to join. If not I'll have to try and do it by email=)