Thursday, October 12, 2006

Look what mama's elves helped her make

The kids helped me to make the quilt top for this kitchen rug. I would love to link you to my inspiration, but I was playing the blogging game yet again, and can't find where I found this fabulous idea. I mean, it was fabulous on the blog I saw...not so wonderful seen here.

This is my first quilted anything, and I am thinking it is probably my last. I was really dissapointed in how it turned out. It looks more like a doll blanket than a rug. In fact, I would give it to Esther for her baby Mary, except that the back is a non-skid rug mat. The non-skid mat was both a great and stupid idea. It doesn't slide (which is the point) but that means it didn't want to slide under the machine foot. I was bother laughing at myself and pulling out my hair. I finally got the truely grand idea of covering the non-skid stuff with tissue paper and then after sewing it, I could tear it off. It worked like a charm! But it doesn't LOOK as charming as what I was hoping for.

I daren't toss it though because the kids actually sewed quite a bit of it. Marcus loves driving the machine and Weston isn't half bad himself. Esther just puts her hand on top of mine and helps me guide the material through. Marcus is already asking for a sewing machine for Christmas. And some real scissors. What does he want with REAL scissors?

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Sarah and Jack said...

Hello there! I think you might have seen the first one at Soulemama. I also made one myself, but, like you, I am not terribly happy with it "yet." I still consider it a work in progress!