Sunday, October 01, 2006

A good idea...No a WONDERFUL idea.

Danielle had the great idea of painting the three walls that are not "vintage wallpapered" a light tannish beige. Since my mother also had the same great idea, I think it's a go. Now who wants to come over and help me paint?
I had wanted to stencil my favorite quote across the wall above the windows. The wall is quite large and could use some cheering up. Although, come to think of it, it DOES have windows and after moving the bookshelf away from the side wall, IT is now in need of some attention. Hmmm, which wall to stencil? Which wall to stencil?
Anyhow, I am caught chasing rabbits. Back to Danielle's most wonderful suggestion. She sent me this site . They can make me a pre-spaced, pre-pasted custom quote for my wall. All for 54.95. Which seems expensive until you figure up all the time it will take me to measure out my wall into a grid and then re-paint my wall after the paint has leached under the stencil and made huge nasty smears. After all the mess-up possibilities come to mind, 55.00 seems a bit cheap. They even let me choose a background color so i caould play with the design. I chose a tan wall with moss green letters. It was beautiful! And definately what I need for Christmas.

Oh, you want to know what quote I will use? It came from my Psychology professor- "Those who dance are thought mad by those who don't hear the music.

I think most people would rather be deaf than hear my music.

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