Sunday, October 01, 2006

A New Endeavor

I spend at least half my days cruising crafty blogs. Did you know there are MILLIONS of them? No kidding, just gads and gads of crafty people showing off their skill. I always browse them to find those little corner pictures they seem so fond of posting. Little corners of their home that capture my imagination. Why is that crafty people always have such lovely and cozy homes? I save the links on my bookmark bar and I look at them over and over again. Sometimes I downright STEAL their ideas to use in my own house. I have to resort to thievery because I have no crafty creative bones in by body. Well, maybe I have a few...but they are well covered in fat padding- and not the quilted kind.

I am hoping that people might want to follow the adventures of someone who has to fight through their ungraceful, uncrafty brain to put forth the image of creative grace and comfort. These things do not come naturally to me, they come with great effort. And so, I will put forth all my painful effort into this journal and maybe the whole world can look in, comment, make suggestions, and therefore make the effort a little easier.

I plan to post my home making attempts- cooking, cleaning, sewing, and most importantly to me... my efforts to make my 1972 house into a warm cozy sanctuary for my family.

The picture below is of my formal living room right after we moved in. Hopefully tomorrow, we will have a nice bright sunny day and I can take some pictures of how it looks now.

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