Monday, October 02, 2006

A good kind of morning:

I wake up each morning to an empty house. Dustan leaves for work as the sun rises and the kids don't wake until a few hours later. I love this time to myself. I use it to gather my thoughts and look around to see what needs to be done for the day. I also use it to do a bit of online browsing in the morning.
This morning was no different as far as that goes, but my browsing was cut short by the voice of my eldest son. I looked up to see him carrying his Bible.
This story actually starts yesterday when his Sunday school teacher impressed upon him the idea that he needed to read the Bible every day. He was so excited about it that he could hardly get to sleep last night. He kept pacing across my bedroom floor, every step or two he would give a little jump. "Calm down." I told him. "I just can't mom." he said, "I am just to excited to read the Bible tomorrow."
"This has got to be too good to be true," I thought. And yet, this morning, here is was begging me to read with him. And so we read five verses in John. I mean, HE read five verses in John. He read them all by himself and I am proud of his reading skills and even more proud of his desire to read about the One we love most passionately. No home making endeavor is complete without teaching a young child to love the Lord!

On to breakfast: Not usually a noteworthy time in our house, but since I had the camera out, I shot a picture of the six white eggs that will feed my three children. Actually, Marcus is still clambering for another. I need to make some bread. Then they won't eat so many eggs...maybe. I am fortunate because I get milk and egg delivery from Oberweis Dairy. Otherwise I would have to run to the store every week. And anyone who knows me well, knows that there is not a chore I dread more than going to the grocery store. So, I avoid it by going only once a month. Dairy delivery saves my sanity. Besides, it is lovely to run to the front porch every Wednesday morning to grab my glass jars of milk, my eggs, and any misc. items I choose to order. It feels so old fashioned and homey.

Well, that was our morning. My plans for the day are pretty simple. Besides the oridinary household chores, I want to tackle my family room mantle.

I just need to pull off some of the extra stuff it has started collecting. The pirate ship does NOT belong up there, but it is fragile and the mantle seemed to be the safest place, away from the grabbing hands of a toddler.

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