Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My BIG project!!!!!!!

I am so excited to be a part of National Novel Writing Month, better known as nanowrimo!!!! Basically, I have 30 days (starting at midnight tonight) to write a 50,000 word novel. The theory is that the only thing holding me back from creativity is a deadline, and a pushy support system. The novel itself does not have to be good...in fact, at almost 2000 words a day, there is no way that it will be very readable, but it will be so much more than I have ever made myself do before. Gone will be the fetters of trying to write the next best seller. Instead, it will be re-placed by a timer, and a word count. This is a game that is won, not based on content, but on achieving a goal.

When I told Dustan about this, (after rolling his eyes into the back of his head, and muttering about how crazy his wife was) he smiled and said that he had married a writer and he was glad she was back after being gone for almost ten years. I married a great man. A wonderful man. With his support, in thirty days, I will turn in a 50,000 word novel!

I will try to update my blog every once in a while with how I am doing. maybe I will post bits and pieces of the novel itself (don't hold your breath).

I am taking this commitment very seriously. I will not be blogging or visiting my regular websites (and if you see me elsewhere on the web, beat me with a big stick). I signed up for a meal service: Meal Makers and I tried to get my house as clean and ready as possible. I created a new routine (with a 5:30 rising time), and I re-did my work space to be an inspirational space I made a polka dot table cloth (because my main character happen to be someone who would love polka dots as much as I do), and decorated some helpful lists for myself. I piled up a candle (for calming me down when I feel frantic) and some of my favorite books (to use as reference). I am ready to go. Ready to write. Ready to accomplish something that I have put off my entire life.


Tara said...

Hey good news, when I figured the daily word count the other day I thought it was a 55,000 word novel. Since it's only 50,000 that means you only need to write 1666.666666666667 words day! Which you are supposed to be staying off your blog so maybe you won't see it till later and you'll be ahead of the game, which will be good since it might be hard to write at times like over Thanksgiving.

Carrie said...

Good luck! Can't wait to read it when it's finished!