Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My ugly Mug

Before makeup. Ugg. redness and acne. This, friends was a gift from my daughter. I swear, Esther stole any beauty I ever had. She took it all in with her brown eyes and rosy cheeks. She has dimples and a perfect smile and I have a redness, acne, and huge pores.
I have tried all kinds of makeup before I talked dh into shelling out $$ for Bare Essentials.

It was worth it. This makeup can cover redness AND acne and somehow still feel as if my skin is bare.

I would sell this stuff for them if they would let me. It is worth the money. It also has SPF 20 and 15 so it protects my sensitve skin. I feel better, less itchcy, and WAY more confident. It is easy to apply. Well, I guess I could gush on for an hour.

Bottom line: If you have problem skin, this makeup is all that it has claimed to be. Dh loves the way it looks natural, and I love the way it can take an ugly aging mother who doesn't have time for complicated skin regimes and make her almost pretty.

As an after thought...I never noticed I have wonky eye syndrome. My eye has never drooped like that before has it? Maybe I had a stoke and didn't know it.

Another after thought: These pictures were taken as naturally as possible. i hate when they take a before with the hair all pulled back and nasty, and then the after pic has nice clothes, and gorgeous hair. I think it's misleading. i get no payback from BE. I just want to leave a honest review of some products that have really made a difference in my life. these pictures are real and have not been edited at all. They haven't even been cropped. How they are is how I am.


Carrie said...

You look gorgeous, dahling! :)

Tobey said...

You're beautiful....before AND after!!!

I have the same type of skin, so when I have some extra cash (ummm....maybe in a few years....haha!), I'd really like to try it.

Thanks for sharing!

Becka said...

IRL, my nose is not that big. And I usually tweeze my brows. In these pictures, I think they needed a lawn mower.

Bare Essentials does nothing for overgrown eyebrows.