Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How to be a Sick Mom

Moms are not supposed to be sick. There is no time for it. Who will take care of the world if a mom gets sick? Well, I think the world can take care of itself for a couple of days.

At least I hope so.

I have a pile of books by the downstairs futon. Shel Siverstein should get my kids through the everyday quarrals. Surely he will add the little bit of humor that will lighten the mood so that mommy doesn't have to holler, "Cut out that fighting before I make you all go back to bed!!!!!" I can't holler today. I will lose my voice. Besides that, my head is hollering allowed today. There is a John Grisham book for me. Grisham is my guilty pleasure. I am embarrased to say that I have read his books over and over again. I don't know what is so appealing to me about them, but I consider my Grisham books as friends. The Brethern is on the reading list for this sick day. It is my least favorute of his books, but it is one I haven't read twice and all the others are very well worn indeed. I really wish I had not just re-read all my Tyler books...or Montgomery. Anne would be such a sweet read for a sick day. Anyhow. I will choke down The Brethern and hopefully it will bore me to tears- I mean sleep. I mean, what can be more boring than three judges who sit in prison inacting a "gay scam" in which they somehow snag a presidential candidate? It was so boring the first time that I can't remember a thing about it and so it will seem like a brand new book.

I filled my kitchen table with bowls of snacks. A bowl of dried cranberries, a bowl of popcorn, one filled with peanuts, and another full of fruit snacks. I should say, WAS, full of fruit snacks. They are gone now. Great, A sick mom AND kids on a sugar high...not sure that was such a great idea. Their water cups are full and they should be fine with minimal inerference from me. Or Shel.

We will make it through the day. I will whine.... wahhhhh fever, headache, body ache, chills, the works. It will be a miserable day. But, I am entitled to a miserable day every once in a while. Moms DO get sick. Sometimes we just do...fact of life.


Carrie said...

Eeeek! Hope you feel better soon!

You could always lock them in the closet :)

NatchraLeigh said...

Ok, I don't know you at all but I just read all of your postings on your page.

Sounds like you are doing a pretty darn good job with being mom and such - a lot like what I wish I was doing instead of working all the time!

I think I found this link because of you or someone you know being on Amity. lol