Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A girl kind of mess

I have spent two hours of my afternoon cleaning out Esther's bedroom. This is a ginormous task that is not even quite finished. You see, she has this really, really, really, really, really bad habit of going through her dresser drawers and putting on one billion gazillion outfits everyday. The ones she discards get thrown in the floor amidst toys from her own room and bits of legos and train tracks that she pilfered from her brother's rooms.

I am scared of what this child will be like as a teenager. Admission: I was a MESS as a teen. A big gigantic, awful, mom screaming kind of mess. I do not want the same for my own daughter. Even though it was a bit of adventure to even cross through the doors of my room, it set up some habits for me that I am still trying to break today.

So, I cleaned her room. I moved all her clothes from the drawers and hung them on a high closet rod. This means that my mornings will be crazy. I will pull out her cute little purple leggings with a pink turtleneck and pink and purple tie-dyes jumper done by a The Color Farm. "This will be so cute." I will think. And then the fit will start.

Her (stomping her tiny foot): NO!
Me: Come on Esther, it's adorable.
Her: No mommy! (with her cute little rose shaped lips pursed into a tight little rosebud)
Me: What do you want?
Her: Dat.
Me: I don't know what "dat" means. Show me.
Her: pointing at some anonymous item of clothing
Me: Sighing, and pulling out the pink leggings and yellow sweater.
Me: Finally getting a clue and lifting her up.

She pulls out her jeans that are patched with peace signs and her swimsuit. She grabs her cowboy boots off the top shelf just in case we are going anywhere.

See what I mean? Life is going to be crazy every if it is not crazy enough. And it is only a temporary fix anyway. Soon she will get taller and be able to reach her clothes. She will demand a three-way mirror and I will have to sludge my way through her room just to find her sound asleep on top of her bed which is buried in clean laundry, a headset on her ears and striped socks on one foot, polka dot socks on another...


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Dannielle said...

if you were a nice mama you'd install a wall-length row of pegs or hooks at chair-rail height so that girlie could indulge herself with ease.


I just happen to have a whole slew of hooks around here somewhere that are brand new and not fufilling their destiny. No anyone who might need some?