Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend Recovery

Sigh...My kitchen used to look like this. It's pretty and cozy, dontcha think? Now it looks like there was a man in there. And there was. Dustan decided that this weekend was the perfect time for making his "famous" chili. He makes it once a year, and it is truly a fun time. However, when he is done, chaos reigns in the kitchen. I do have to give him his dues, he worked on cleaning it up yesterday...but he is I have about an hours worth of scrubbing tomato sauce off of my stove left to do. I will say it again...sigh

Except for the short amount of time we were home to make chili, it seemed we were off running around all weekend. We made ourselves so busy that I couldn't even sqeeze in my one hour of thrifting that I had been so looking forward to.

So, now it's Monday. A messy kitchen, a load of laundry, schoolwork to get started on (I homeschool), a new dog to take care of, and a Sunday School party to get ready for tonight.

We HAD a nice get-together at Borders planned...but the Cardinals had to go and make themselves now we are having a chili dinner (thanks to Dustan) and watching the most boring sport in history. Oh, I mean "Go Cardinals!"

I think I will make a scrumptious desert and eat on it everytime I get bored...

UPDATE ON OUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER: We named her Heidi...caugh caugh..Dustan named her Heidi. I will get used to it. She has fallen in love with our family and is overjoyed when she gets to play. She has had a few accidents but is doing quite well in the housetraining department and is very quickly learning to not jump on Esther. Esther is learning that being licked is not painful and does not warrent screaming and yelling like her hand has been bitten off. Heidi is a precious dog, there is no doubt about it. She is sweet and mild tempered--and so very loving.

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Tara said...

Wahoo!!!!!!! You finally updated your blog and twice even this morning since I checked on it earlier. See I'm nosey too, I like reading your blog to find out what's up.