Monday, October 02, 2006

One step forward...two steps back

You know the old saying. We lived it here today. I would get one thing done and turn around to see two things more that needed to be done. Messes were the word of the day. My three children were walking disasters, and as I walked in their wake, I was impressed with the need of more child sized cleaning utensils. We have a Eureka Boss Superlite that has a retractable handle. With the handle retracted, it is the PERFECT size for my kids. PERFECT! Every mother of children needs one of these. Ask for one for Christmas- you will thank me for it. Anyhow, I need a child sized mop and toilet brush. These kids need to learn to clean up their own pig pen.

I was able to get my one goal accomplished. The mantle has been decluttered. I am a rotton should have seen the layer of dust that came off those picture frames. How do people remember the little things; like dusting picture frames? Unless I come face to face with dirtiness, I forget that it is even there. Fortunately, I like to re-arrange things, and that brings me closer to my dirt.

We took the nice weather warm-up as an oppurtunity to play outside and because we have four oak trees in our yard, it was practically raining acorns. Little plop plop sounds constantly while we were out. I was tempted to have the kids wear little hard helmets lest they sport tiny acorn sized bruises on their little heads. But we moved too fast and no one was hit. We had fun filling up an antique Mason jar full of them though and I took the opportunity to display them on the mantle. There was something satisifying about filling a jar full of acorns.

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